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Dental Crowns

If you have a damaged tooth that can't be treated with a filling, there is another effective treatment that can save your tooth.

A dental crown fully encases a tooth, lending it the strength and support necessary for a healthy smile.

At Dental Haus Germantown in Nashville, TN, our dentists place beautifully crafted dental crowns to improve your oral health.

What Can Dental Crowns Treat?

Dental crowns are popular because they can treat such a wide range of conditions; in fact, they can be used in restorative and cosmetic dentistry plans. Our dentists may recommend dental crowns for:

  • Large Cavities
  • Root Canal Infection
  • Chipped Tooth
  • Fractured Tooth
  • Worn Tooth
  • Missing Tooth

How Do Dental Crowns Work?

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"An attentive, professional, and fun team. I always have a great experience there, and my teeth look gorgeous." Amy E.

Restore Your Smile With Dental Crowns
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If traditional fillings aren’t enough to save an otherwise healthy tooth, dental crowns might be a great option for you. Dr. Correll is board-certified and uses the latest developments and technology in restorative and cosmetic dentistry to provide high-quality crowns and other dental work. He can preserve the remainder of your natural tooth and restore its function so you can chew or speak easily. 

Request a consultation with our dentist by submitting a form or calling our office near downtown Nashville at:

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We offer cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry services to the Nashville, TN, area from our Germantown office.

State-of-the-Art Technology 

Our Nashville practice uses state-of-the-art technology like CEREC® Primescan to provide comfort and convenience for our patients. CEREC Primescan is a computer system that uses a “wand” with a scanner at the end to take pictures of your mouth and build a virtual 3D model, known as a “digital impression."
CEREC system

How Does CEREC Benefit Our Patients?

CEREC’s system features several benefits that can improve your dental experience at our boutique-style office near downtown Nashville. Patients can enjoy several benefits such as: 

Faster Appointments 

Traditional impression techniques require you to stay and wait for each set of impressions to “set” before you can leave. CEREC digital impressions are much faster (we can scan a full arch in less than a minute) so you can spend less time in the dentist's chair and get back to your daily routine. 

Amazing Results 

When planning your dental crown treatment, we can match the shape of your crown to the surrounding teeth and position it so the restoration does not wear on neighboring teeth. Using CEREC’s 3D imaging, we can create high-fidelity models of your mouth to achieve the best results. 

Instant Transfers 

Traditional impressions must be packaged and shipped to a lab before work begins on your restoration, and an impression can warp out of shape before it arrives. Since CEREC saves the impression digitally, we can instantly transfer it to our lab without the risk of damaging the model. 

Increased Comfort 

CEREC Primescan takes away the unpleasant experience of sinking your teeth into the liquid molds used for traditional impressions. All you need to do is keep your mouth open as we scan your teeth using a digital “wand” that surveys every nook and cranny.   

Transparent Practices

With CEREC Primescan, we can share the results of your scans almost immediately through a large touchscreen. Our dentists can point out the treatment site and walk you through each step of the process so you understand the procedure and know what to expect.  

The Latest Techniques

Dr. Correll is a member of the esteemed American College of Prosthodontists, a major authority on the practice of restoring damaged or missing teeth. As a member, Dr. Correll has access to recent developments in dental technology and techniques so you can receive the latest and greatest treatments.    

How Can a Crown Replace a Missing Tooth?

Even though Dr. Correll will do everything he can to save a tooth, sometimes an extraction is necessary for your health. If you have a missing tooth, a dental implant can be surgically placed in the jaw to replace the natural roots after a root canal. After a healing period, our dentists can attach a crown to the dental implant, replacing the visible portion of the missing tooth. Implants offer a number of cosmetic and restorative benefits over a traditional bridge. Implant dentistry can:

  • Prevent deterioration of the jawbone
  • Avoid the need to adjust healthy adjacent teeth for bridge support
  • Provide improved stability, especially when chewing
Illustration of implant crown
An implant-supported crown is the most comprehensive way to replace a missing tooth.

The Dental Crown Treatment Process

When patients have dental crowns placed at our Nashville, TN, practice, they can expect several streamlined steps:

Save your smile with a natural-looking dental crown. 
Save your smile with a natural-looking dental crown. 

Numb the Tooth

To begin treatment, we will numb the tooth and surrounding area so you feel completely comfortable throughout treatment.

Treat the Infection

If there are any infected areas of the tooth due to cavities or root canal infection, our dentists will perform the necessary treatment to clean and disinfect the tooth.

Prep the Tooth

Next, we will remove a small amount of the outer tooth structure so the crown can fit over the natural tooth.


To craft a crown that achieves an excellent fit and appearance, we will take impressions of your mouth after your tooth has been prepped.

Temporary Crown

While your crown is being made, you will wear a temporary crown to protect your natural tooth.


Your crown will be made out of a solid block of porcelain. Dental porcelain is both natural-looking and durable, making it an ideal material for dental crowns.

Crown Placement

When your custom crown is ready, you can return to our office to have it secured in place. Our dentist can attach your crown to the natural tooth or a dental implant. 

"Best Dental Experience of My Life"  Glowing Reviews From Our Nashville Patients  


Matthew Niehoff


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I’ve had several visits now with Dental Haus, and cannot speak more highly of the entire staff. From reception, to cleaning, to Dr. Corell, every single detail (down to the design) has been meticulous. Beyond cleanings, I’ve also had cavities filled and two crowns — the latter which they make in house the day of your appointment. If you’re looking for a new dentist, don’t hesitate to try Dental Haus.

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Amanda Lutz


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Best dental experience of my life. They took the time to educate me on how I could improve my oral hygiene, didn’t try to tell me I needed any unnecessary treatments, were really clear on pricing for the work I needed done, and were kind and personable enough to put me at ease. Called my husband as I left and couldn’t stop saying good things — definitely the first time that’s happened about a dentist!

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Questions About Receiving a Crown? 

As a specialist in restorative treatments, Dr. Correll can examine your unique dental situation and offer the support you need. Our dentist can address any questions or concerns you have about receiving a dental crown and other services. We strive to be as transparent about the process as possible so you understand the treatment and what to expect from it. 

We’re happy to answer any questions you have about dental crowns. Request a consultation with Dr. Correll to discuss your questions at length or call our Nashville office at: 

(615) 412-2585

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Recovery Process 

Some patients may experience some mild side effects following the procedure. Local anesthesia tends to wear off after a few hours for most patients, after which they may begin to feel some lingering discomfort from the procedure. Some patients can also experience sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures around the crown. These effects should fade and can be managed with over-the-counter medicine and using toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth.

If your crown still feels uncomfortable after the next few days, contact our office so we can monitor the problem and make any necessary adjustments. 

Taking Care of a Temporary Crown

While your custom crown is being made, we’ll provide a temporary crown for you to wear until the permanent crown is ready. A temporary crown protects your exposed tooth and allows you to go about your daily routine without any huge adjustments. 

When taking care of a temporary crown, patients should: 

Brush gently but thoroughly around the crown 

Avoid sticky or hard foods 

Floss side-to-side to avoid dislodging the crown 

"Made Me Feel Welcome and Comfortable"  More Reviews For Our Nashville Practice 


Jamie Keller


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I had a dental emergency and the team was great on getting me in early the morning after. Dr. Correll and the staff made me feel welcome and comfortable. I look forward to coming back!

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Abby Reinhold


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Had the most pleasant dental experience today at Dental Haus! My hygienist Natalie was so sweet and kept me informed the during the whole process. It was fast and easy and such a nice facility!

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Dr. John-Morgan Correll

Dental Haus Germantown

Dental Haus Germantown is an elite dental boutique that provides high-quality dentistry in a state-of-the-art environment. Dr. John-Morgan Correll is an affiliate of prestigious organizations such as:

  • American Dental Association 
  • American College of Prosthodontists

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